Tantalum Capacitor Lead Times

Tantalum Capacitor Lead Times Jumped over 60% in the last Month!

Lead times for tantalum capacitors increased last month over 60%, and is expected to grow on a month to month basis. It is clear that shortages are plaguing the market ―especially for larger case sizes such as C, D and E/X.

Most notably, lead-times for “C” case tantalum caps in both polymer & manganese jumped by over 60% last month.

While there hasn’t been an increase in Tantalum ore prices, we believe they will now increase heading into the next quarter.
Other types of passive items, including MLCC, thin film resistors, thick film resistors, and chip inductors are also reporting an average of up to 5% increase in lead times following suit.

If you’re responsible for sourcing capacitors, we highly recommend that you check your part numbers to see if your lines have been affected.

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