1.  “Instant On” feature allows for no wait times to warm TFT AMLCD. Module performs as low as -60C. No heating elements needed.

2.  Glass is functional down to -100C. Increased product reliability because no heaters required and no image smear artifacts.

3.  1 ms or less response time across temp range for waveform presentation.

4.  Glass can perform beyond +100C, not affected by solar loading.

5.  No cooling required which also increases the reliability, module operating temp of +85C.

6.  250,000 (h) MTBF, which can reduce your product’s warranty costs.

7.  TFT AMLCD technology can lose 15% of brightness in a single year, TFEL 100,000 (h) measures brightness with less than 15% reduction.

8.  Glass is hermetically sealed and conformal coating options are available on the circuit board, outlasting other flat panel manufacturers in moist or humid environments.

9.  Battery power comparable to backlit TFT LCD display technology.

10.  ICEBrite delivers up to 1000:1 contrast ratio, perfect for day time reading ability. This virtually removes the cost and time of TFT bonding to improve contrast ratios.

11.  Perfect for medical, automotive and environmental instrumentation. Decreased viewing time due to crisp presentation, facilitating quick user perception.

12.  Multi-person, off-axis viewing, 179° vertical and horizontal.

13.  No costly backlight inverter needed, wide dimming range.

14.  Increased viewing perception due to emissive pixel technology, great for smaller text requirements.

15.  200 g force shock durability for the glass and 100 g for complete units. Greatly increasing the dependability of your OEM product.

16.  Solid-state, digital design virtually removes backlight failures such as light leakage, which are common issues for LCD technology.

17.  Easy integration, LCD compatible interface.

18.  Extended production life-cycles, decreasing the need to redesign because of component EOL issues. Over 30 years of production life!

19.  Worldwide compliancy for ROHS II requirements. Low EM/EMC to ease product certification.

20.  Domestic and global engineering and technical support.

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