Drop-In Replacement

After every stocking distributor has been checked, after every OEM excess list scrubbed…there is always that one last fighting chance of hope to still play hero for our customers.  The drop-in replacement.

Not to pat ourselves on the back too much (well, maybe a little) but our gals and guys who support customers for inside sales do an incredible job of cross referencing the most difficult parts for our customer base.  Obviously, capacitors, resistors and connectors are going to be the most friendly to cross over to a drop in.  However, it’s when the device has high level characteristics that seperate the men from the boys when a workable cross is made.

Our customers enjoy the expertise and component knowledge that our friendly staff has to offer.  So the next time all else has failed and you’ve got drop-in replacement on the brain…..you know who to call.  Even more flattering is our ability to provide samples for the newly found cross, allowing you and your engineering team to have peace of mind and a smooth running product.  So bring on the challenges….we are ready to tackle them all:  Maxim, Analog Devices, TI, Murata, Samsung, Atmel, Xilinx, Altera, ON Semi, ST Micro, RoHM, Freescale, Intel, National Semi, Renesas, Hitachi, and the list goes on and on and on……..

Shameless plug … ahem … if you need us to find a cross for you, submit it to our  component analyzer.