New Website Launched!

Our new website is ready to go!  Please check out to see the new look and feel of Sensible Micro!  The new site gives users easier navigation, added search tools and an updated look that reveals the progression and growth our company has undergone.  Enjoy!

A Shirt Story-Counterfeits

It’s true.  I am a sucker for the past.  I make a lot of industry references to 80’s movies, music and TV shows.  What’s really odd is I can’t tell you what I had for breakfast but I can remember this episode of the Cosby Show from 1984 with vivid detail and ease. The Synopsis Theo comes home after purchasing …

Valentine’s Day Massacre (Almost)

It’s official.  I’ve become one of those moron husbands who forgot it was Valentine’s Day.  You know the bozo dad  that you’d see on some silly 80’s sitcom.  What would Mike Seaver do? The most embarrassing part of this confession is that this is my first Valentine’s Day as a married guy.  This must be some sort of record.  Still, …

Welcome To the Sensible Buyer!

If someone would have told me when I was a kid, that someday I would grow up to be an electronic component sales person, I think I would have had a very sad childhood.  What happened to baseball player, rock star or kung-fu master?  I can almost hear my pre-adolescent, high pitched voice squeal in protest.  Fast forward 25 years …

Member of Greater Tampa chamber of Commerce

We’re Proud to Announce that we are now a member of the Greater Tampa chamber of commerce!  We’re very interested in promoting and adhering to sound business practices on both a local and national level.